The DSSF supports the South Carolina State University Presidential Promise Scholarship Program.  Recipients for DSSF are selected from students that participate in this program.  The Presidential Promise Scholarship Program allows students to work in different departments at the University to earn scholarships. 

When enrolled in the program, students must maintain at 3.0 GPA as well as conduct themselves as an outstanding member of the student body.  The program identifies its selected students by assessing their financial needs in the following areas:

1. Assistance with coursework needs (books, lab equipment, etc.) 

2. Assistance with outstanding Financial Balances 

3. Assistance after financial aid has been exhausted

4. Assistance with graduation requirements (GAP Scholarship)

DSSF is proud to assist President James E. Clark in his efforts to financially support the students of South Carolina State.  Programs like the Presidential Promise Scholarship Program is the first step in building a  lasting partnership.